Little Free Pantry

The Little Free Pantry in Bridgeport is located in front of Borough Hall next to The Little Free Library! The concept is simple – Take what you need, Leave what you can. Every one of us needs just a little help every now and then.

Little Free Pantry Donation Rules
Please adhere to the following guidelines with regard to donations and drop-offs:

  1. Please leave only non-perishable or dry goods, i.e. boxed, canned, and bagged goods.
  2. Do not leave fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs or meat. We will be forced to discard any fresh foods found. Alternatively, these items can donated to the Upper Merion Area Community Cupboard. UMACC donation locations can be found here.
  3. Do not leave any non food items at the Pantry.
  4. If the Pantry is already full, do not leave donations on the ground surrounding the pantry.
  5. If you have any large donations you wish to give to the Bridgeport Little Free Pantry, please call 484-531-7540 to arrange the donation.

Volunteers are willing to come to your house to collect your donation, as it helps keep the area surrounding the Pantry in order.
Thank you for your continuing support and generosity!

Little Free Pantry
Little Free Pantry- Bridgeport, PA